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Some years ago two German Physicians, Kroenig and Grauss, of the University of Baden, startled the world by announcing: "Dammerschlaf" or "Twilight Sleep," a treatment which rendered childbirth almost painless and free from dangerous complications. A woman's clinic was established at Freiburg where a combination of scopolamine and morphine was given. The muscular activity of the pelvic organs was not lessened, the length of labor was shortened, and instruments were rarely necessary.

ABBOTT'S H-M-C is another sedative composed of hyoseine, morphine, and cactoid. It is less dangerous than the other remedy, and accomplishes the same result, hence is greatly preferred.

THE UTMOST CAUTION is necessary in the administration of either of these drugs, and the most competent medical supervision is essential to their success.

CAUTIONS.—The patient should not be left a moment without medical supervision. The lying in chamber should be darkened, and kept as quiet as possible.