Searchlights on Health/Where Did the Baby Come From?

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  Where did you come from, baby dear?
  Out of the everywhere into here.

  Where did you get the eyes so blue?
  Out of the sky, as I came through.

  Where did you get that little tear?
  I found it waiting when I got here.

  What makes your forehead so smooth and high?
  A soft hand stroked it as I went by.

  What makes your cheek like a warm, white rose?
  I saw something better than anyone knows.

  Whence that three-cornered smile of bliss?
  Three angels gave me at once a kiss.

  Where did you get this pretty ear?
  God spoke, and it came out to hear.

  Where did you get those arms and hands?
  Love made itself into hooks and bands.

  Feet whence did you come, you darling things?
  From the same box as the cherub's wings.

  How did they all come just to be you?
  God thought of me, and so I grew.

  But how did you come to us, you dear?
  God thought about you, and so I am here.