Serenade Blues

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First page of the sheet music.

Blues, Lawd I love them so

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[1st verse:]
Blues, Lawd I love them so
I love each note that Handy wrote
Blues, why they're all the go
Believe what I say, they're here to stay

Of course I love the classic music
I mean I like the melodies and minor keys
But if you want a treat
Here's one I know you can't beat, Lawd-ee!

Just take the serenade that Shubert wrote
And take the classic shade from every note
Then with that melody start into playing
Forget the artist and the olden ways
But like the smartest of our modern days

Just fill that melody full of
Jazzy syncopations, razzy modulations
When you get to that minor strain
Oh Lawdy, let me hear you sit right on it
Just to hear it oh! once again

I would take my diamond ring right off and pawn it
I'd bet my very last pair of shoes
That even Paderewky would choose
When he hears it played
Serenade blues

[2nd verse:]
Blues, why they're all the rage
In every home from here to Rome
Blues played on every stage
In churches too, the world's gone blue

Grand Opera soon will be a has been
I mean it's style, not melodies nor minor keys
For they're always a hit
If you jazz them up a bit, Lawd-ee!

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