Shakespeare - First Folio facsimile (1910)/The Life and Death of King Richard the Second/Act 2 Scene 4

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Shakespeare - First Folio facsimile (1910)
William Shakespeare
The Life and Death of King Richard the Second: Act II, Scene IV.
3596968Shakespeare - First Folio facsimile (1910) — The Life and Death of King Richard the Second: Act II, Scene IV.William Shakespeare

Scœna Quarta.

Enter Salisbury, and a Captaine.

My Lord of Salisbury, we haue stayd ten dayes,
And hardly kept our Countreymen together,
And yet we heare no tidings from the King;
Therefore we will disperse our selues: farewell.

Stay yet another day, thou trustie Welchman,
The King reposeth all his confidence in thee.

'Tis thought the King is dead, we will not stay;
The Bay-trees in our Countrey all are wither'd,
And Meteors fright the fixed Starres of Heauen;
The pale-fac'd Moone lookes bloody on the Earth,
And leane-look'd Prophets whisper fearefull change;
Rich men looke sad, and Ruffians dance and leape,
The one in feare, to loose what they enioy,
The other to enioy by Rage, and Warre:
These signes fore-run the death of Kings.
Farewell, our Countreymen are gone and fled,
Exit.As well assur'd Richard their King is dead.

Ah Richard, with eyes of heauie mind,
I see thy Glory, like a shooting Starre,
Fall to the base Earth, from the Firmament:
Thy Sunne sets weeping in the lowly West,
Witnessing Stormes to come, Woe, and Vnrest:
Thy Friends are fled, to wait vpon thy Foes,
Exit.And crossely to thy good, all fortune goes.