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The following short list of local people of interest may not be an unacceptable addition to the many whose names appear in various parts of the preceding work:—

Aitken, W. C., the working man's friend, died March 24, 1875, aged 58.
Albites, Achille, a respected teacher of French, died June 8, 1872, aged 63.
Aris, Thomas, founder of the Gazette, died July 4, 1761.
Aylesford, Lord, died Jan. 13, 1885, at Big Springs, Texas, aged 35.
Banks, Morris chemist and druggist, died June 21, 1880, aged 75.
Banks, William, long connected with the local Press, died March 1, 1870, aged 50.
Bates, William, a literary connoisseur of much talent, died September 24, 1884.
Boulton, Ann, only daughter of Matthew Boulton, died October 13, 1829.
Brown, Rev. Philip, for 32 years Vicar of St. James's, Edgbaston, died September 15, 1884.
Bird, Alfred, well-known as a manufacturing chemist, died December 15, 1878, aged 67.
Barrett, Rev. I. C., for 43 years Rector of Sc. Mary's, died February 26, 1881.
Bracebridge, Charles Holte, a descendant of the Holtes of Aston, died July 12, 1872, aged 73. He left several pictures, &c., to the town.
Brailsford, Rev. Mr., Head-master Grammar School, died November 20, 1775.
Bray, Solomon, formerly Town Clerk, died January 9, 1859.
Breay, Rev. John George, seven years Minister of Christ Church, died December 5, 1839, in his 44th year.
Breedon, Luke, over fifty years a minister of the Society of Friends, died in 1740, aged 81.
Briggs, Major, W.B.R.V., died January 24, 1877, aged 45.
Burn, Rev. Edward, 52 years Minister at St. Mary's, died May 20, 1837, aged 77.
Cadbury, B. H., died January 23, 1880, in his 82nd year.
Chavasse, Pye.—A surgeon, well known by his works on the medical treatment of women and children, died September 20, 1879, in his 70th year.
Chavasse, Thos., pupil of Abernethy, and followed his profession in this town till his 80th year. He died October 19, 1884, aged 84.
Church, Benj., of the Gazette, died July 1, 1874, aged 48.
Davis, George, a local poet, as well as printer, died 1819.
Dawson, Susan Frances, relict of George Dawson, died November 9, 1878.
Dobbs, James, a comic song writer and comedian, a great favourite with his fellow-townspeople, died November 1, 1837, aged 56.
Egington, F., an eminent painter on glass, died March 25, 1805, aged 68.
Elkington, George Richards, the patentee and founder of the electroplate trade, died September 22, 1866 aged 65.
Everitt, Edward, landscape painter, a pupil of David Cox, and a member of the original Society of Arts, died July 2, 1880, in his 88th year.
Feeney, J. F., proprietor of Birmingham Journal, died May 12, 1869.
Freeth, Miss Jane, last surviving daughter of poet Freetb, died September 2, 1860, aged 89.
Garbett, Rev. John, died August 23, 1858, aged 66.
Garner, Thomas, a distinguished line engraver, died in July, 1868. His delineations of the nude figure were of the highest excellence.
Godfrey, Robt., for nearly fifty years a minister of the Catholic Apostolic Church, died Jan. 12, 1883, aged 75.
Gough, John, an old churchwarden of St. Martin's, died November 30, 1877, aged 63.
Hammond, Rev. Joseph, Congregational Minister, Handsworth, died March, 30, 1870.
Hanman, William, for twenty-one vears Market Superintendent, died Dec. 1, 1877, aged 51.
Hill, M. D., first Borough Recorder, died June 7, 1872, aged 79.
Hill, Rev. Micaiah, director of the Town Mission, founder of the Female Refuge, and Cabmen's Mission, &c., died September 24, 1884, aged 60.
Hodgetts, William, the first printer of the Birmingham Journal (in 1825) and afterwards publisher of Birmingham Advertiser, died January 2, 1874, aged 83.
Hodgson, Mr. Joseph, for 27 years one of the surgeons at General Hospital, died February 7, 1869, aged 82.
Holder, Henry, died January 27, 1880, in his 70th year.
Hollings, W., architect, died January 12, 1843, aged 80.
Horton, Isaac, pork butcher, died November 15, 1880, aged 59. His property in this town estimated at £400,000, besides about £100,000 worth in Walsall, West Bromwich, &c.
Hudson, Benjamin, printer, 54 years in one shop, died December 9, 1875, aged 79.
Hutton Catherine, only daughter of William Hutton. died March 31, 1846, aged 91.
Hutton, Rev. Hugh, many years minister at Old Meeting, died September 13, 1871, aged 76.
Ivers, the Very Rev. Bernard, canon of St. Chad's Cathedral, and for thirty years rector of St. Peter's (Roman Catholic) church. Broad Street, died June 19, 1830.
Jaffray, James, a pleasant writer of local history, died Jan. 7, 1884.
Jeune, Rev. Francis, Bishop of Peterborough, and once head master of Free Grammar School, died August 21, 1868, aged 62.
Kennedy, Rev. Rann, of St. Paul's died January 5, 1851, aged 79.
Kentish, Rev. John, tor fifty years pastor at the New Meeting, died March 6, 1853.
Knight, Edward, an eminent comic actor, who had long performed at Drury Lane and the Lyceum, was born in this town in 1774; died Feb. 21, 1826.
Lee, Dr. J. Prince, the first Bishop of Manchester, and who had been for many years head master at Free Grammar School, died December 24, 1869.
Lloyd, Mr. Sampson, banker died December 28, 1807, aged 80.
Macready, Wm., many years manager at Theatre Royal, died April 11, 1829.
Mackenzie, Rev. John Robertson, D.D., many years at Scotch Church, Broad Street, died March 2, 1877, aged 66.
Maddocks, Charles, a local democrat of 1819, died April 3, 1856, aged 78.
Marsden, Rev. J. B., of St. Peter's, died June 16, 1870.
McInnis, Capt. P., adjutant B.R.V., died February 16, 1880, aged 66 years
Mitchell, Sidney J., solicitor, accidentally killed at Solihull, March 22, 1882.
Mole, Major Robert, B.R.V., died June 9, 1875, aged 46.
Moore, Joseph, "founder of the Birmingham Musical Festival," died April 19, 1851.
Motteram, J., eight years County Court Judge, died Sept. 19, 1884, aged 67.
Nettlefold, Joseph Henry, died November 22, 1881, aged 54. He left a valuable collection of pictures to the Art Gallery,
Nott, Dr. John, born in 1751, studied surgery in Birmingham, but was better known as an elegant poet and Oriental scholar, died in 1826.
Oldknow, Rev. Joseph, Vicar of Holy Trinity, died September 3, 1874, aged 66.
Osler, Thos. Clarkson, died Nov. 5, 1876, leaving personal estate value £140,000. He bequeathed £1,000 to the hospitals, and £3,000 to the Art Gallery.
Page, Rev. Richard, first Vicar of St. Asaph's, died March 9, 1879, aged 41.
Pembeuton, Charles Reece, long connected with Mechanics' Institute, died March 3, 1840, aged 50.
Penn, Benjamin, died November 13, 1789. He was one of the old "newsmen" who, for twenty years, delivered the Gazette to its readers, and though he travelled nearly 100 miles a week, never suffered from illness.
Pettit, Rev. G., Vicar of St. Jude's, died January 19, 1873, aged 64.
Pye, John, a celebrated landscape engraver, died February 6, 1874, aged 91.
Ratcliff, Lady Jane, widow of Sir John, died Sept. 12, 1874, aged 72.
Redfern, William, the first Town Clerk, died April 23, 1872, aged 70.
Reece, W. H., solicitor, died in May, 1873, aged 63 He rebuilt St. Tudno's Church, en the Ormeshead, and did much to popularise Llandudno.
Richards, Mr. Wm. Westley, the world-known gunmaker, died Sept. 14, 1875, aged 76.
Robins, Ebenezer, auctioneer, died July 1, 1871.
Rotton, H., died December 13, aged 67.
Salt, T. C., a prominent member of the Political Union, died April 27, 1859, aged 70.
Saxton, Rev. Lot, a Methodist New Connexion Minister of this town, died suddenly, September, 1880, in his 72nd year.
Scholefield, Joshua, M.P., died July 4, 1844, aged 70.
Scholefield, Rev. Radcliffe, for 30 years pastor of Old Meeting, died June 27, 1803, aged 70.
Smith, John, attorney, died September 23, 1867.
Smith, Toulmin, died April 30, 1869.
Spooner, Rev. Isaac, for 36 years Vicar of Edgbaston, died July 26, 1884, aged 76.
Spooner, Richard, Esq., M.P., died November 24, 1864, aged 81.
Spooner, Mr. William, for seventeen years County Court Judge, of the North Staffordshire district, died May 19, 1880, in his 69th year.
Stanbridge, Thomas, Town Clerk died February 10, 1869, aged 52.
St. John, Rev. Ambrose, of the Oratory, diedMay 24, 1875, aged 60.
Swinney, Myles, 50 years publisher of the Images Birmingham Chronicle, died November 2, 1812, aged 74.
Thornton, Capt. F., B.R.V., was thrown from his carriage and killed, May 22, 1876. He was 35 years of age.
Turner, George (firm of Turner, Son and Nephew), died March 25, 1875, aged 68, leaving a fortune of £140,000,
Upton, James, printer, died November 9, 1874.
Vincent, Henry, the Chartist, died Dec. 29, 1878.
Worrall, William, for 30 years Secretary of St. Philip's Building Society, died May 1, 1880, in his 78th year.
Wright, Mr. Thos. Barber, who died October 11, 1878, was one of the founders of the Midland Counties Herald, the first to propose the Hospital Sunday collections, and to establish the Cattle Shows.