Sikhim and Bhutan/Appendix 4

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Plate I

1. Pierced copper-gilt ornaments used with a rice puja (Bhutan).

2. Copper teapot, with silver mounts (Bhutan).

3. Brass purpa or demon dagger used at services in Northern Buddhist monasteries (Bhutan).

4 and 9. Wood, silver, and silver-gilt gyeling (trumpets) used in temples (Bhutan).

5. Dagger with open-work, pierced, and embossed silver and silver-gilt sheath, set with turquoise (Bhutan).

6. Embossed silver and silver-gilt pan-box, set with coral and turquoise (Bhutan).

7. Temple bell, cast in Bhutan.

8. Sword with silver and silver-gilt scabbard, and silver-mounted leather belt with silk tassels (Bhutan).

10. Wine-flask made from a mythun horn mounted in copper (Bhutan).

11. Brass dorji, or thunderbolt, used by lamas at services (Tibet).

Plate II

1, 3, 5, 13. Ginger-jars, plate, and bottle brought from Lhasa (China).

2 and 4. Brass cymbals (Tibet).

6. Steel helmet (Bhutan).

7 and 11. Copper embossed ladles used to pour oil on bodies during cremation (Tibet).

8. Small skull drum (Tibet).

9. Silver-gilt hat ornament, set with turquoise and carbuncle (Shigatse, Tibet).

10. Lacquer cymbal-box, with copper binding, and copper and iron fittings (China).

12 and 15. Old cloisonné bowls (China).

14. Carved wooden frame for a small Buddha (Tibet).

Plate III

1 and 7. Pair of iron water-bottles, inlaid with silver (Tibet).

2. Small brass teapot (Tibet).

3. Copper-gilt Urn of Life used for puja (Tibet).

4. Teapot (Sikhim).

5 and 15. Copper-gilt images of Buddha (Tibet).

6. Brass box for jade teacup (Tibet).

8. Hand-bell (Tibet).

9. Copper dorji, or thunderbolt (Tibet).

10 and 21. Bell-metal cymbals (Tibet).

11. Carved, gilt, and coloured book-back (Tibet).

12 and 22. Silver altar butter-lamps (Tibet).

13. Enamel box (China).

14, 16, 18, and 20. Part of a set of Tashi Tagye, in copper-gilt, used at puja (Tibet).

17. Temple bell (Tibet).

19. Brass spectacle-case (Tibet).

23. Jade teacup with silver cover and stand (Tibet).

Plate IV

1. Copper-gilt Urn of Life (Bhutan).

2. Long-stemed porcelain teacup in copper-gilt stand (Tibet).

4. Teapot in copper-gilt, with silver mounts set with small turquoise (Tibet).

10. Copper-gilt rice offering-box (Tibet).
(Nos. 2, 4, and 10 belonged to the late Regent of Tibet, and were sold on his downfall.)

3. Silver amulet-case (Bhutan).

5. Silver prayer-wheel (Sikhim).

6. Silver bowl used to receive grease off buttered tea (Tibet).

7. Glass bowl (Tibet).

8. Skull rice-bowl, with silver stand and cover (Sikhim).

9. Copper-gilt amulet-case (Tibet).

11. Silver amulet-case (Tibet).

12. Carved and painted wooden table (Sikhim).