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"PEARLINE" (illustration of a woman in an apron holding the soap, with a brush propped against the wall)
Is better than than any soap; handier, finer, more effective, more of it, more for the money, and in the form of a powder, for your convenience. Takes, as it were, the fabric in one hand, the dirt in the other and lays them apart comparatively speaking, working with little work.

As it saves the worst of the work, so it saves the worst of the wear. It isn't the use of clothes that makes them old before their time; it is rubbing and straining, getting the dirt out by main strength.

For scrubbing, house-cleaning, washing dishes, windows and glassware, Pearline has no equal.

Beware of imitations, prize packages and peddlers.




Black and white bust length portrait of a woman


For all those painful Complaints and Weaknesses so common to our best female population.

It will cure entirely the worst form of Female Complaints, all Ovarian troubles, Inflammation, Ulceration, Falling and Displacements of the Womb and the consequent Spinal Weakness, and particularly adapted to the Change of Life.

It will dissolve and expel Tumors from the uterus in an early stage of development. The tendency to cancerous tumors there is checked very speedily by its use. It removes faintness, flatulency, destroys all craving for stimulants, and relieves weakness of the stomach. It cures Bloating, Headaches, Nervous Prostration, General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression, and Indigestion.

That feeling of bearing down, causing pain, weight and backache, is always permanently cured by its use.

It will at all times and under all circumstances act in harmony with the laws that govern the female system. For the cure of Kidney Complaints of either sex, this Compound is unsurpassed.

Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is prepared at Lynn, Mass. Price, $1.00. Six bottles for $5.00. Sent by mail in the form of Pills, also in the form of Lozenges, on receipt of price, $1.00 per box, for either. Send for pamphlet. All letters of inquiry promptly answered. Address as above.