Landon in The Literary Gazette 1822/Miss Kelly

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Literary Gazette, 30th November, 1822, Pages 763

Item included in the Drama section of the magazine


To Miss Kelly, on her Performance of Juliet.

’Twas the embodying of a lovely thought,
A living picture exquisitely wrought,
With hues we think, but never hope to see
In all their beautiful reality:
With something more than fancy can create,
So full of life, so warm, so passionate.
Young Beauty! sweetly didst thou paint the deep
Intense affection Woman's heart will keep
More tenderly than life! I see thee now,
With thy white wreathed arms, thy pensive brow,
Standing so lovely in thy sorrowing.
I've sometimes read, and closed the page divine,
Dreaming what that Italian girl might be:
Yet never imaged look or tone more sweet than thine!

L. E. L.