The Fate of Adelaide, a Swiss Romantic Tale; and Other Poems/Sonnet 3

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For works with similar titles, see Sonnet (Landon).


I envy not the traveller's delight,
When he looks on Italia's loveliness,
Or the Swiss mountains rise before his sight;
The view to me would be but loneliness,
Remembering me that I was far away
(Like to a leaf, borne from its natural spray)
From my own dwelling. It does seem most strange,
What happiness it can be thus to range:
Let others roam this world of wonders through—
Theirs be each beauty of the earth and sea;
The flower gemm'd green, the narrow arch of blue,
Around my home, will be enough for me.
I cannot envy him, whose footsteps rove
At distance from the dear ones of his love.