Southern Historical Society Papers/Volume 01/April/The Exchange Question

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Southern Historical Society Papers, April 1876

We now pass to a further discussion of the


for after all this is the real gist of the whole matter. The Government that is responsible for the failure to exchange prisoners is really responsible for the suffering which ensued on both sides.

We think we have already proven that this responsibility rests with the authorities at Washington; but we will strengthen the proof still further. We have published the cartel agreed upon on the 22d of July, 1862, and have called attention to the fact that a strict observance of its terms would have released all prisoners on both sides within ten days of their capture.

Where difficulties arose in reference to particular classes of prisoners, the cartel provided that these should be passed by until they could be adjusted, and the cartel continue in force as to other prisoners. This was done so long as the Confederates held the excess of prisoners.