Southern Historical Society Papers/Volume 20/Living Generals of the Confederate States Army

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One Hundred and Sixty-six Living Confederate Generals of Different Grades. Their Names and Rank.

[From the Richmond Dispatch November 20, 1892.]

The following list was republished by the Dispatch after revision by distinguished Confederate Generals including General Marcus J. Wright of the War Record Office, Washington, D. C. The Editor has further corrected it.

Dallas, Texas.

To the Editor of the Ex-Confederate:

As your paper is read not only in this State, but, I hope, in every State in the South, where you have numerous readers, I send you for publication a corrected roster of the surviving generals of the Confederate army, compiled from the most reliable data to be had to October 1, 1892.

The number of general officers of all grades appointed and commissioned is four hundred and ninety-eight—viz.: Six generals, one general with temporary rank, one quarter-master general, two commissary-generals and two surgeon-generals; one hundred and two rose to the rank of major-general and twenty-one rose to the rank of lieutenant-general. General Joseph E. Johnston, with six major-generals and twenty-two brigadier generals, are reported dead since January 1, 1891, leaving one hundred and sixty-six living out of the original number. I hope that this list is correct; that they are all living as reported, but if any have "crossed over the river," I ask my old friends to be kind enough to give me the name, rank, State, and residence. The old Confederates now living will, when reading this roster of the living, recall many incidents of the war now long since forgotten. Peruse this list—viz:


Gustav P. T. Beauregard, New Orleans.


Edmond Kirby Smith, Sewanee, Tennessee.

Stephen D. Lee, Starkville, Mississippi.
James Longstreet, Gainesville, Georgia.
Jubal A. Early, Lynchburg, Virginia.
Simon B. Buckner, Frankfort, Kentucky.
Joseph Wheeler, Wheeler, Alabama.
Ambrose P. Stewart, Oxford, Mississippi.
Wade Hampton, Columbia, South Carolina.
John B. Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia.


Gustavus W. Smith, New York.
Lafayette McLaws, Savannah, Georgia.
S. G. French, Holly Springs, Mississippi.
John H. Forney, Alabama.
Dabney H. Maury, Richmond, Virginia.
Henry Heth, Antietam Survey, Washington, D.C.
R. F. Hoke, Raleigh, North Carolina.
J. L. Kemper, Orange Courthouse, Virginia.
W. B. Bate, United States Senate, Washington.
J. B. Kershaw, Camden, South Carolina.
M. C. Butler, United States Senate, Washington.
E. C. Walthall, United States Senate, Washington.
L. L. Lomax, Virginia.
P. M. B. Young, Cartersville, Georgia.
T. L. Rosser, Charlottesville, Virginia.
W. W. Allen, Montgomery, Alabama.
S. B. Maxey, Paris, Texas.
William Mahone, Petersburg, Virginia.
G. W. Custis Lee, Lexington, Virginia.
William B. Taliaferro, Gloucester, Virginia.
John G. Walker, Washington, D. C.
William T. Martin, Natchez, Mississippi.

C. J. Polignac, Orleans, France.
E. M. Law, Yorkville, South Carolina.
James F. Fagan, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Thomas Churchill, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Richard C. Gatlin, Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Matt W. Ranson, United States Senate, Washington.
J. A. Smith, Jackson, Mississippi.
Fitzhugh Lee, Glasgow, Virginia.


George T. Anderson, Anniston, Alabama.
Frank C. Armstrong, Washington, D. C.
E. P. Alexander, Savannah, Georgia.
Arthur P. Bagby, Texas.
Rufus Barringer, Charlotte, North Carolina.
Pinckney D. Bowles, Alabama.
William L. Brandon, Mississippi.
John Bratton, South Carolina.
J. L. Brent, Baltimore.
C. A. Battle, Newbern, North Carolina.
R. L. T. Beale, The Hague, Virginia.
Hamilton P. Bee, San Antonio, Texas.
W. R. Boggs, Winston, North Carolina.
Tyree H. Bell, Tennessee.
William L. Cabell, Dallas, Texas.
E. Capers, Columbia, South Carolina.
James R. Chalmers, Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Thomas L. Clingman, Asheville, North Carolina.
George B. Cosby, California.
Francis M. Cockrell, United States Senate.
A. H. Colquitt (Georgia), United States Senate.
R. E. Colston, Washington, D. C.
Phil. Cook, Atlanta, Georgia.
M. D. Corse, Alexandria, Virginia.
Alexander W. Campbell, Tennessee.
Alfred Cumming, Augusta, Georgia.
X. B. DeBray, Austin, Texas.
William R. Cox, Penelo, North Carolina.
H. B. Davidson, California.
T. P. Dockery, Arkansas.

Basil W. Duke, Louisville, Kentucky.
Joseph Davis, Mississippi City.
John Echols, Louisville, Kentucky.
C. A. Evans, Atlanta, Georgia.
Samuel W. Ferguson, Greenville, Mississippi.
J. J. Finley, Florida.
D. M. Frost, Missouri.
Richard M. Gano, Dallas, Texas.
R. L. Gibson, United States Senate.
William L. Gardner, Memphis, Tennessee.
G. W. Gordon, Memphis.
E. C. Govan, Arkansas.
Johnson Haygood, Barnwell, South Carolina.
George P. Harrison, Jr., Auburn, Alabama.
Robert J. Henderson, Atlanta, Georgia.
A. T. Hawthorne, Atlanta.
J. F. Holtzclaw, Montgomery, Alabama.
Eppa Hunton, United States Senate.
William P. Hardeman, Austin, Texas.
N. H. Harris, Mississippi.
Edward Higgins, Norfolk, Virginia.
George B. Hodge, Kentucky.
J. D. Imboden, Damacus, Virginia.
Henry R. Jackson, Savannah, Georgia.
William H. Jackson, Nashville, Tennessee.
Bradley T. Johnson, Baltimore, Maryland.
George D. Johnson, Civil Service Commissioner, Washington,
D. C.
Robert D. Johnson, Birmingham, Alabama.
A. R. Johnson, Texas.
J. D. Kennedy, Camden, South Carolina.
William H. King, Austin, Texas.
William W. Kirkland, New York.
James H. Lane, Auburn, Alabama.
A. R. Lawton, Savannah, Georgia.
T. M. Logan, Richmond, Virginia.
Robert Lowry, Jackson, Mississippi.
Joseph H. Lewis, Kentucky.
W. G. Lewis, Tarboro, North Carolina.
William McComb, Gordonsville, Virginia.

Samuel McGowan, Abbeville, South Carolina.
John T. Morgan, United States Senate.
T. T. Munford, Lynchburg, Virginia.
George Maney, Nashville.
John McCausland, West Virginia.
Henry E. McCullock, Texas.
W. R. Miles, Mississippi.
William Miller, Florida.
B. McGlathan, Savannah, Georgia.
John C. Moore, Texas.
Francis T. Nichols, New Orleans, Louisiana.
R. L. Page, Norfolk, Virginia.
W. H. Payne, Warrenton, Virginia.
W. F. Perry, Glendale, Kentucky.
Roger A. Pryor, New York City.
Lucius E. Polk, Ashwood, Tennessee.
W. H. Parsons, Texas.
N. B. Pearce, Arkansas.
E. W. Pettus, Selma, Alabama.
W. A. Quarles, Clarkesville, Tennessee.
B. H. Robertson, Washington, D. C.
F. H. Robertson, Waco, Texas.
Daniel Ruggles, Fredericksburg, Virginia.
George W. Rains, Augusta, Florida.
D. H. Reynolds, Arkansas.
William P. Roberts, Gatesville, North Carolina.
L. S. Ross, College Station, Texas.
Charles A. Ronald, Blacksburg, Virginia.
Charles M. Shelly, Alabama.
F. A. Shoup, Sewanee, Tennessee.
G. M. Sorrell, Savannah, Georgia.
George H. Stuart, Baltimore, Maryland.
Marcellus A. Stovall, Augusta, Georgia.
Edward L. Thomas, Washington, D. C.
W. R. Terry, Richmond, Virginia.
J. C. Tappan, Helena, Arkansas.
Robert B. Vance, Asheville, North Carolina.
A. J. Vaughan. Memphis, Tennessee.
James A. Walker, Wytheville, Virginia.
D. A. Weisiger, Richmond, Virginia.

L. S. Baker, Suffolk, Virginia.
E. McNair, Halletsburg, Mississippi.
T. B. Smith, Nashville, Tennessee.
N. H. Harris, Vicksburg, Mississippi.
J. Z. George, United States Senate.
Zebulon York, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
G. Z. Wharton, Radford, Virginia.
Marcus J. Wright, Washington, D. C.
G. J. Wright, Griffin Georgia.
H. H. Walker, New York.
W. S. Walker, Florida.
W. H. Wallace, Columbia, South Carolina.
T. N. Waul, Galveston, Texas.
John S. Williams, Mount Sterling, Kentucky.
Joe Shelby, Butler, Missouri.
John B. Clark, Jr., Washington, D. C.

Respectfully submitted for the information of the old Confederate veterans and others.

W. L. Cabell.