Soviet order for the closure of Jewish organisations

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The Head of the Inner Security services

29th of August 1940.

Having examined the application of Jewish Cultural Society ‘’Licht’’ and data, that were given by the organization on the 28th of August, 1940, we consider the activity of the below-given organizations not to correspond to interests of working people and continuation of their activity in the condition of the new social system is needless. That is why according to the corresponding articles of law we resolve to close the following Jewish organizations and withdraw their appellations out of the register:

  1. Narva Jewish Youth Literary Circle
  2. Jewish Cultural and Educational Association “Tarbut”
  3. Association “Keren-Khaisod” (Basic fund) in Estonia
  4. Tartu Association of Palestine pioneers “Khekholuts”
  5. Tartu Jewish Friendly Association “Akhtus”
  6. Tallinn Jewish Female Association “Wizo”
  7. Narva Society of Hebraists
  8. Tartu Jewish Female Association “Wizo”
  9. Valga Jewish Female Association “Wizo”
  10. Jewish Society of Parents “Ivrit”
  11. Pärnu Zionist Organization
  12. Tallinn Zionist Organization
  13. Estonian Society of the Zionists-Revisionists in Estonia
  14. Rakvere Zionist Organization
  15. Estonian Zionist Organization
  16. Valga Zionist Organization
  17. Estonian Zionist Labour Organization “Khitakhdut”
  18. Võru Zionist Organization
  19. Tartu Zionist Organization
  20. Narva Zionist Organization
  21. Tõrva Society of Friends of the Zionists
  22. Tallinn Jewish Merchants’ Association
  23. Tallinn Jewish Youth Association of Self-education
  24. Jewish Academic Society of Estonia
  25. Union “Shokhrey Tora”
  26. Tallinn Jewish Friendly Association
  27. Jewish Tennis Club in Tallinn
  28. Tartu Jewish Tennis Club
  29. Tallinn Jewish Friendly Union “Akhdus”
  30. Society “Tallinn Jewish Bridge-Club”
  31. Jewish Association of Folk University
  32. Tallinn Jewish Association of Education