St. Nicholas/Volume 40/Number 2

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St. Nicholas (1912)
Number 2
3943285St. Nicholas — Number 2





Vol. XL
No. 2

(The entire contents of this Magazine are covered by the general copyright, and articles must not be reprinted without special permission.)


Frontispiece. ”Ring a ring o’ Roses.” Painted by Arthur Rackham. page
The Nursery Rhymes of Mother Goose: Ring a ring o’ Roses. Little Tommy Tucker. 97
Illustrated by Arthur Rackham
The Wizard Shoemaker. Story. Winthrop Packard 98
Illustrated by Herbert Paus
Aunt ’Phroney’s Boy. Story. L. Frank Baum 104
Illustrated by George Avison
Just Be Good. Verse. James Rowe 112
“I’ve Something for You.” Picture, drawn by G. T. Tobin 113
Our Christmas. Verse. Alice Lovett Carson 114
Illustrated by Gertrude A. Kay
Beatrice of Denewood. Serial Story
Emilie Benson Knipe and
Alden Arthur Knipe
Illustrated by C. M. Relyea
The Quest of the Jimblejock. Verse. Ellen Manly 124
Illustrated by Reginald Birch
“Birds that Fly Zigzag.” Verse. George O. Butler 129
Illustrated by the Author.
A Small Order. Verse. J. R. 129
More Than Conquerors: Through Failure to Success. Biographical Sketch Ariadne Gilbert 130
Illustrated by Oscar F. Schmidt. Decoration by Otto Rebele.
Playing Santa Claus. Verse. Pauline Frances Camp 139
Illustrated by Rachael Robinson Elmer
Playing Santa Claus. Verse. Pauline Frances Camp 139
Illustrated by Rachael Robinson Elmer
A Christmas Catch. Verse. Cecil Cavendish 140
Illustrated by Clara M. Burd.
The Land of Mystery. Serial Story Cleveland Moffett 142
Illustrated by J. Paleologue, Talbot Kelly, and from photogaphs
Three Guests. Verse. Jessica Nelson North 151
Illustrated by Ethel Franklin Betts.
“I’ve Got A Dog.” Verse. Ethel M. Kelley 152
Illustrated by Oscar F. Schmidt.
Jacob and Gretchen Story. Elizabeth Atkins 153
Illustrated by Reginald Birch.
Nancy’s Southern Christmas. Story. Harriet Prescott Spofford 161
Illustrated by C. M. Relyea.
The Adventures of Billy Bowline. Story. Harriet L. Wedgwood 165
Illustrated by Fanny Y. Cory.
Nature and Science for Young Folks. 174
The St. Nicholas League. With Awards of Prizes for Stories, Poems, Drawings, Photographs, and Puzzles. 179
Books and Reading Hildegarde Hawthorne 188
The Christmas Mousie. Verse. Ida Kenniston 190
Illustrated by Culmer Barnes).
The Riddle-Box. 191
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