St. Nicholas/Volume 40/Number 3/December Days

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I used to like the June days best, but that was back in June;
And then it seemed that August was the best of all the year;
Along came crisp October, and I sang another tune;
December ’s now my favorite—oh, just because it ’s here!

The June days are joy days,
That bring the end of school,
And August days are boy days,
For swimming in the pool;
October days are sport days,
When down the ripe nuts fall—
December days are short days,
But jolliest of all!

With skimming o’er the frozen lake and coasting down the hill,
There ’s not a dreary moment in the day for girls and boys;
The snowman by the captured fort with battle joy must thrill—
But he can’t read beside the fire, and dream of Christmas joys!

Oh, May days are gay days,
In southland or in north;
July days are high days,
Especially the Fourth!
Then fall days, foot-ball days—
I ’m quarter-back, you know;
But December, please remember,
Brings Christmas and the snow!