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"Stone" is the title of Mandelstam's first book of poems composed between 1908 and 1915. It was first published in 1913, then in 1916, 1923 and 1928 with the substantial revisions and additions.

The cover of the first edition of the "Stone"


Additional works[edit]

  • From the semi-dark hall, suddenly, 1908
  • To read only children's books, 1908
  • More tender than tender, 1909
  • I'm given a body – what to do with it?, 1909
  • Up out of an evil clinging pool, 1910
  • A meagre beam in a cold measure, 1911
  • The dull air is moist and resounding, 1911
  • Hagia Sophia, 1912
  • Insomnia. Homer. The rows of stretched sails, 1915
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