Streisand v. Adelman, assessment by United States House Committee on the Judiciary

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Streisand v. Adelman, assessment by U.S. Congress Committee on the Judiciary  (2004) 
by Frank James Sensenbrenner, Jr.

Source: House Report 108-682. From the U.S. Government Printing Office. 108th Congress 2nd Session. Report 108-682. United States House of Representatives. Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act of 2004. September 13, 2004.; PDF format. Section: "Background and Need for the Legislation".

California Coastal Records Project photo of coastline including Streisand Estate (2002).


United States House Committee on the Judiciary

United States House of Representatives

September 13, 2004


Here are just a few examples of the frivolous lawsuits that have tormented innocent Americans.\51\[1]

Barbara Streisand sued the California Coastal Records Project, which took thousands of pictures of the California coastline intended to protect the state's shoreline. The photographs are made available free of charge to state and local governments, university researchers, conservation organizations, and others. Streisand sued because a picture of her Malibu estate (her mansion composed only 3% of one photo among thousands) was posted on the public interest organization's Web site. She sued for $50 million (five separate claims for $10 million each), but on May 10, 2004, Streisand was ordered to pay the people she sued $154,000 in legal fees they accrued defending against her ridiculous lawsuit.\52\[2]


  1. \51\ Recently, Britain's most senior judges, the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords, branded Britain's U.S.-style claims system an "evil" that interferes with civil liberties and freedom in a landmark ruling in a compensation case. In the case of Tomlinson v. Congleton Borough Council, [2003] U.K.H.L. 47 (2003), the Appellate Committee stated "The pursuit of an unrestrained culture of blame and compensation has many evil consequences and one is certainly the interference with the liberty of the citizen. Of course there is some risk of accidents arising out of the joie de vivre of the young, but that is no reason for imposing a grey and dull safety regime on everyone."
  2. \52\ See Jennifer Pittman, "The Blame Game" The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal (January 9, 2004); Kenneth R. Weiss, "Streisand Sues Over Photograph of Her Coast Home on Web Site," The Los Angeles Times (May 30, 2003) at B1; Streisand v. Adelman, Case No. SC077257 (Sup. Ct. Los Angeles Cty.) (complaint filed May 30, 2003); Streisand v. Adelman, Case No. SC077257 (Sup. Ct. Los Angeles Cty.) (ruling on submitted matters: Motion to Tax Costs and Motion for Attorneys; Fees).


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