Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Arbor Day/The Planting Song

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Joy for the sturdy trees
Fanned by each fragrant breeze,
Lovely they stand!
The song birds o’er them thrill,
They shade each tinkling rill,
They crown each swelling hill.
Lowly or grand.

Plant them by stream and way,
Plant where the children play
And toilers rest;
In every verdant vale,
On every sunny swale—
Whether to grow or fail,
God knoweth best.

Select the strong, the fair.
Plant them with earnest care,
No toil is vain.
Plant in a fitter place,
Where, like a lovely face,
Set in some sweeter grace.
Change may prove gain.

God will His blessings send,
All things on Him depend.
His loving care
Clings to each leaf and flower,
Like ivy to its tower.
His presence and His power
Are everywhere.