Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Memorial Day/Meaning of the Colors

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(From Shedd’s Special Day Exercises.)

First pupil
Red, from the leaves of the autumn woods,
On our frost-kissed northern hills;
Red, to show that patriot blood
Is beating now in a hurrying flood
In the hearts of American men.

Second pupil
White, from the fields of stainless drift.
On our wide, western plains;
White, to show that, as pure as snow,-
We believe the Christ-light yet shall glow
In the souls of American men.

Third pupil
Blue, from the arch of the winter sky.
O’er our fatherland outspread;
Blue to show that as wide as heaven.
Shall justice to all mankind be given,
At the hands of American men.

All together
Red, White, and Blue, and the light of stars,
Through our holy colors shine;
Love, Truth, and Justice, virtues three.
That shall bloom in the land of liberty,
In the homes of American men.