Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Memorial Day/The Banner of the Union

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[Air: “ Marching Through Georgia ”]

Bring the good old banner, boys, the flag our fathers bore,
Let it float across the land and shimmer on the shore,
Liberty is marching on to many conquests more,
Bearing the banner of the Union.

Chorus.—Hurrah! hurrah! we’ll bring the jubilee;
Hurrah I hurrah! the flag that makes us free;
So we'll sing the chorus of truth and liberty,
Bearing the banner of the Union.

How the nation thundered when that flag was menaced long.
How the boys enlisted and the girls grew bold and strong.
How the hosts of victory triumphant swept along.
Bearing the banner of the Union.

Rally ’round the colors, boys, and keep them at the fore,
Take your stand for liberty and fight her battles o’er,
True to home and freedom, ever loyal to the core,
Bearing the banner of the Union.

Written for the Acme Haversack by Kate Brownlee Sherwood.