Suggestive programs for special day exercises/Memorial Day/What can Children do

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First child
What can the little children do,
When Decoration Day is here,
To show their love for soldiers brave
Who, fighting for their country, gave
The life that was to them so dear?

Second child
We’ll bring the lovely flowers of spring
That in the fields and gardens grow,
And on the soldiers’ graves today
Our garlands we will gladly lay,
Our loving thoughts of them to show.

Third child
We’ll raise aloft the “stars and stripes”
On this Memorial Day, to show
We honor those who for it bled.
Some now are living, many dead,
For this was many years ago.

Fourth child
We’ll sing our patriotic songs;
We’ll truly sing with heart and voice.
And to our country we’ll be true.
And honor our “red, white, and blue,”
And in our freedom we'll rejoice.

Journal of Education