Sultan Bahoo The Life and Teachings/GLOSSARY

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  • Aab-e-hayat The Water of life or vital water
  • Abad Eternity, Eternal end
  • Ahl-e-Bait The Sacred Family of the Prophet Mohammad Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam
  • Ahwal Spiritual states
  • Ain-ul-yaqeen Seeing the Divinity


  • Baqa Billah Immortal or perpetual with Allah
  • Batil Falsehood
  • Batin Inward, innerself, esoteric self
  • Batini ankh The inward eye, eye of soul
  • Bayat Oath of allegiance


  • Chemiya Akseer Alchemy (the process of converting metal into gold)


  • Daimi Hazoori Eternal presence
  • Darood-o-Salam Blessings of Allah
  • Deedar Vision
  • Deedar-e-Elahi Vision of Allah
  • Deen The true faith


  • Ehsaan The station of spiritual excellence and perfection


  • Faiz Beneficence
  • Fana Annihilation
  • Fana Fillah Annihilation in Allah
  • Fana-Fi-Rasool Annihilation in the Holy Prophet
  • Fana-Fi-Shaikh Annihilation in the Mentor


  • Gharq Wrecked, engrossed, absorbed
  • Ghayb Unseen, non-manifested, hidden


  • Haq The Truth
  • Haqeeqat The Truth, the Reality
  • Haq-ul-Yaqeen Experiencing the closeness of Divinity
  • Haraam Unlawful
  • Haram Holy, sacred


  • Ijtihad Individual effort and striving
  • Ilham or Ilhamat The spiritual inspirations
  • Ilm-e-Laduni Divine Knowledge
  • Ilm-ul-Yaqeen The knowledge of Divinity
  • Imam The spiritual leader


  • Jalal The Divine Majesty, Wrath
  • Jalwa Manifestation
  • Jamal The Beauty
  • Jamia Comprehensive
  • Jamiat Accumulation of all the Divine Attributes and spiritual stations in oneself


  • Kabeera, Sagheera Major or minor sins
  • Kamal Perfection
  • Kamil Akmal The supreme and perfect
  • Karam Generosity
  • Karamat Miracle


  • Laduni God-given, Knowledge direct from Allah
  • Lahut Lamakan Station beyond all stations
  • Laqa-e-Elahi Meeting with Allah
  • Lauh-e-Mahfooz The Guarded Tablet upon which the destinies are inscribed


  • Mahjoob Veiled
  • Majazi Metaphorical
  • Majlis-e-Mohammadi Assembly of the Holy Prophet Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam
  • Majzoob Lost in Divine Meditation
  • Manazil Waystations


  • Nafas Breath
  • Nafi Negation
  • Nafs Baser self, lower self, ethereal self
  • Nafs-e-Ammarah The depraved self, which commands to commit sins
  • Nafs-e-Lawama The self that blames, conscious of faults


  • Pehchan Recognition


  • Qaba Qausain Two bows length, extreme nearness to Allah
  • Qalam The Supreme Pen
  • Qalb The heart, soul
  • Qalb-e-Saleem The pure heart
  • Qubd A spiritual state, contraction, the heart is firmly gripped by Allah


  • Rabubiyat Lordship
  • Rab-ul-Arbab Lord of the Lords
  • Rafzi Dissenter
  • Raza Consent, submission to the Will of Allah
  • Riyazat Ascetic discipline, mystic exercise


  • Sabir Enduring
  • Sahib-e-Musamma The possessor of the Essence and the Personal Name of
  • Ism-e-Allah Zaat Allah alongwith all His attributes
  • Sahib-e-Sir’r The possessor of Divine Secret
  • Saliheen The righteous ones, the pure ones
  • Salik Traveller


  • Tafakkur Reflection, meditation
  • Tafrid Isolation or inward solitude
  • Tajalli Self Disclosure
  • Tajrid Detachment from everything other than Allah
  • Talab To seek or demand


  • Ulama Men of outward knowledge or the learned masters
  • Ummat Nation
  • Ursh Divine Throne, Empyrean


  • Vaseela The means, mediator, source
  • Visal Union (with Allah)


  • Waham Conversation with Allah
  • Wahdaniyat Unity or unification
  • Wahdat Oneness
  • Wahi Revelation
  • Wali The friend of Allah


  • Zaat The Essence, The Divine Self
  • Zahid An ascetic
  • Zahir Superficial, apparent or physical
  • Zawal Decline
  • Ziarat Privilege of seeing