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In terms of Shariat, a Karamat is a supernatural power shown by saints. It is an unusual spiritual power bestowed by Allah upon His sacred men. A Mojza is a miracle by a Prophet and Karamat is a miracle by a saint.

The spiritual or intrinsic miracle is to change ones heart; sprouting Zikr (invocation) of Ism-e-Allah Zaat in one’s heart; bless someone with Divine Union with just one glance; make an illiterate a scholar or give such knowledge to a person which he does not know before; take someone to the status of Fana-Fi-Shaikh (annihilated in Shaikh), Fana Fillah (annihilated in Allah); Baqa Billah (become immortal with Allah); make a materialistic person an Arif (a Knower of Allah) just by one glance; and submerge someone in Divine Vision and Union without any mystic struggle or lengthy prayers. These spiritual miracles of Arifeen are only for the special Seekers of Allah and there is not any satanic deception in them.

There are several extrinsic and intrinsic miracles of Sultan-ul-Arifeen Sultan-ul-Faqr Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Rehmat-ul-Allah Alayh. Some of them are mentioned below: One of his very famous miracles is that since childhood, he turned a non-Muslim into a Muslim, just by one glance. This miracle continued throughout his life.

His second biggest miracle is his books. He did not get any outward education from any school and could not read or write; even then he wrote 140 books in Persian, the customary language of his age. The miracle of his books, observed by his devotees is that, if read with complete faith, respect and sincerity after ablution, the heart of the reader becomes enlightened. The letters of his books are an Absolute Light (Noor) and the statements are complete inspirations. He declares in all his books that, “If someone could not find a Murshid, he should make any of my book his mentor and medium. I will definitely guide him to his eternal destination.” It is observed that a sincere reader of his books definitely finds a murshid according to his desire. But for the blind hearted people he says, “Those blind, black hearted people who are deprived of Divine Knowledge since eternity will never like my books.” Another miracle of his books is that they have treasures of Divine Knowledge and Secrets for all the seekers, regardless of their spiritual status. The Seeker at initial stage will get guidance from them according to his status, while the Seeker at middle or ultimate stage will get Beneficence from them accordingly.

Sultan-ul-Arifeen used to do farming in Shorekot. Once a poor Syed who had a large family to support was worried due to his poverty and was in search of a saint whose prayer could make his financial condition better. To fulfill this desire, he started serving a Faqeer. One day, the Faqeer asked him what he wished for. He replied, “I have a large family to support and a huge loan to return. My sons and daughters have reached the age of marriage but I cannot manage to marry them due to my poverty. All the material sources have finished, now only an invisible spiritual source can solve my problem.” The Faqeer said to him, “I will give you the address of a Perfect Saint. Only he can solve your problem. Go to Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo who lives in Shorekot and tell him your problem.” That worried Syed went to Shorekot but he was very much disappointed to see that Sultan-ul-Arifeen was ploughing the fields. He was also told by the people around that they know Sultan Bahoo as a farmer and not as a Faqeer or saint. He was about to return back in disappointment when Sultan-ul-Arifeen, who had become aware of his inner condition, called him. Listening his voice, Syed felt encouraged and decided to tell him his problem. He came near Sultan-ul-Arifeen. After greetings Sultan-ul-Arifeen asked his intention of coming to him, he told everything. Sultan-ul-Arifeen asked him to hold his plough while he passed the urine. Afterwards, he cleaned himself with an earthen stone and holding that stone he came back to that Syed and said, “You came here in vain, I cannot help you as I am a simple Jut .” Syed was already tired of the long journey and much worried of his disappointed life, he said angrily, “Ok! I must be punished as I am begging from a Jut in spite of being a Syed myself.” Sultan-ul-Arifeen became angry, he threw the stone that was in his hand in anger, saying the verse:

"Those whose sight is alchemy itself, can change a stone into gold, it does not matter whether they are Syed or Jut. The stone he threw tumbled far on the ploughed field and all the stones and clods that came in touch with that stone turned into gold. Syed was petrified and begged for forgiveness at Sultan-ul-Arifeen’s feet. He asked the Syed to stop crying, pick the gold stones and leave silently. Also, that if the incident would come in someone’s knowledge, both of them will be speculated. So, the Syed put the stones in his coverlet and left kissing the feet of Sultan-ul-Arifeen."