Summa Theologiae/First Part

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First Part[edit]

All text pasted

25% format set

50% scriptures and inter articles references linked

75% almost all things linked

100% DONE


Treatise on Sacred Doctrine (Question 1)[edit]

Treatise on the One God (Questions 2-26)[edit]

Treatise on the Trinity (Questions 27-43)[edit]

Treatise on the Creation (Questions 44-46)[edit]

Treatise on the Distinction of Things in General (Question 47)[edit]

Treatise on the Distinction of Good and Evil (Questions 48-49)[edit]

Treatise on the Angels (Questions 50-64)[edit]

Treatise on the Work of the Six Days (Questions 65-74)[edit]

Treatise on Man (Questions 75-102)[edit]

Treatise on the Conservation and Government of Creatures (Questions 103-119)[edit]