Summarized Detainee Statement (ISN 584)

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Summarized Detainee Statement[edit]

[Regarding the Unclassified evidence, the Personal Representative commented he doesn't show Detainees the FBI redaction letter, which in this case was Exhibit R-2.]

The Personal Representative provided the following statement based on comments the Detainee made on the unclassified evidence:

Regarding paragraph 3.a, [The Detainee is a member of al Qaida,] the Detainee stated he wasn't Taliban or al Qaida.

Paragraph 3.a.l, [The detainee traveled to Afghanistan via Kyrgystan to receive training at a Uighur training camp/safe house.] the Detainee said east Turkistan was his home country.

Paragraph 3.a.2, [The Detainee arrived in Kabul on 26 July 2001 to begin training.] the Detainee had no comments.

Paragraph 3.3.3, [The Detainee received training on the AK-47 rifle and a Makarov pistol while at the Kabul Uighur training camp/safehouse.] the Detainee saw these things, but did not train on them. It was a small house and not a training camp. There wasn't any room for training.

Paragraph 3.a.4, [When the bombing began in Kabul, the Detainee and all of the Uighurs ran in all directions for safety.] The Detainee said that is correct

Paragraph 3.a.5, [When the bombing began in Kabul, the Detainee and all three others were arrested by the Pakistani police while trying to evade detection {dressed in burkas}.] The Detainee said he threw away his burka before he was captured.


I certify the material contained in this transcript is a true and accurate summary of the testimony given during the proceedings.

Colonel, United States Army
Tribunal President