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Artistic effect dependent on indistinctness (!); 241

Barometer, sideways motion of; 13

Bath, portable, for Tourists; 25

Books or minds. Which contain most Science? 21

Boots for horizontal weather; 14

Brain, inverted position of; 243

Bread-sauce. What appropriate for? 58

Carrying one's-self. Why not fatiguing? 169

Child's view of purpose of Life; 330

Choristers' life, danger of; 274

Church-going, principle of; 272

Conceited people always depreciate others; 237

Content, opportunity for cultivating; 152

Conversation, how to indicate parentheses in; 251

,,,,,,questions in; 251

'Convenient' and 'Inconvenient,' different meanings; 140

Critic, conceited, always aepreciates; 237

,,how to gain reputation of; 238

Crocodiles, logic of; 230

Darwinism reversed; 64

Day, shortness of, and length of, compared; 159

,, true length of; 159

Debt, how to avoid payment of; 131

Dreaminess, certain cure for; 136

Electricity, influence of, on Literature; 64

Enjoyment of life, secret of; 335

Events in reversed order; 350

Extreme sobriety, inconvenience of; 140

Eye, images inverted by; 242

Fairies, how to improve character of; 190

,,,,recognise presence of; 191

Falling house, life in a; 100

Final Causes, problem in; 297

Free-will and nerve-force; 390

Frog, young, how to amuse; 364

Gardener's Song; Elephant; 65. Buffalo; 78. Rattlesnake; 83. Banker's Clerk; 90. Kangaroo; 106. Coach-and-Four; 116. Albatross; 164. Garden-Door; 168

Ghosts, treatment of, by Shakespeare; 60

,,,,in Railway-Literature; 58

,,weltering, appropriate fluid for; 58

Graduated races of men ; 299

Happiness, excessive, how to moderate ; 159

Honesty, Dr. Watts' argument for; 235

Horizontal rain, boots for; 14

House falling through Space, life in a; 100

Hymns appealing to selfishness; 276

'Inconvenient' and 'Convenient', different meanings; 140

Indistinctness necessary for artistic effect(!); 241

Inversion of Brain ; 243

,, images on Retina; 242

Ladies, logic of; 235

Least Common Multiple, rule of, applied to Literature; 22

Life, how to enjoy; 335

in falling house; 100

in reversed order; 350

purpose of, as viewed by Child; 330

regarded as a Drama; 333

Literature, development of, due to Steam; 64

Electricity; 64

for Railway; 58

treated by Rule of Least Common Multiple; 22

Little man, privilege of being a; 299

Liturgy, chanted, effect of; 273

Logic of Crocodiles; 230

Dr. Watts; 235

ladies; 235

requisites for complete argument in; 259

Loving or being loved. Which is best? 77

Men, graduated races of; 299

little, privileges of; 299

Minds or books. Which contain most Science? 21

Money, effect of doubling value of; 312

Music, how to get the largest amount of; 338

Nerve-force and free-will; 390

Nerves, curiously slow action of; 158

Novel-reading, how to enjoy; 336

Onus probandi misplaced by Crocodiles; 230

Dr. Watts; 235

ladies; 235

Order of events reversed; 250

Pain, how to minimise; 337

Paley's definition of Virtue; 274

Parentheses in conversation, how to indicate; 251

'Phlizz', a visionary flower; 282

fruit; 75

nurse-maid; 283

Pictures, how to criticize; 238

Pleasure, how to maximise; 335

Plunge-bath, portable; 25

Poor people, simple method for enriching; 312

Portable bath for tourists; 25

Poverty, the blessings of; 152

Prayer for temporal blessings, effect of; 391

Preachers, exceptional privileges of; 277

appealing to selfishness; 276

Proof, burden of, misplaced by Crocodiles; 230

Dr. Watts; 235

ladies; 235

Questions in conversation, how to indicate; 251

Railway-literature; 58

scenes regarded as dramatic; 333

Rain, horizontal, boots for; 14

Retina, images inverted on; 242

Reversed order of events; 350

Scenery, enjoyment of, by little men; 299

Science. Do books, or minds, contain most? 21

Selfishness appealed to in hymns; 276

religious teaching; 275

sermons; 276

Sermons appealing to selfishness; 276

Shakespeare, passages treated of:—

'All the world's a stage'; 335

'Aye, every inch a king!'; 373

'Is this a dagger that I see before me?'; 371

'Rest, rest, perturbed Spirit!'; 60

'To be, or not to be'; 370

Shakespeare's treatment of ghosts; 60

Short man, privilege of being a; 299

Sillygism, requisites for a; 259

Sobriety, extreme, inconvenience of; 140

Spencer, Herbert, difficulties in; 258

Sport, false and true; 318

Steam, influence of, on Literature; 64

Sunday, as spent by children of last generation; 387

observance of; 385

Time, how to put back; 314, 347

reverse; 350

Tourists' portable bath; 25

Virtue, Paley's definition of; 274

Watts, Dr., weak logic of; 235

Weather, horizontal, boots for; 14

Weight, relative, conceivably non-existent; 100

Weltering, appropriate fluids for; 58