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Strange Greek letter[edit]

Anyone who knows Greek, please take a look at the last paragraph in the left column of this page:

The paragraph says something like: "the last two both denoting the locative, and coalescing, through σ?ι". I see σ and ι there, but what is it between them?

Thanks in advance. --Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 10:50, 8 May 2010 (UTC)

I think that i got it: it's probably digamma - σϝι. Correct me if i'm wrong. --Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 14:12, 8 May 2010 (UTC)


As far as i understand the correct Greek spelling is σύνδεσμος, but the original encyclopaedia says σινδεσμος. Could it be an alternate spelling or is it just a mistake? Should it be just fixed in the text? --Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 19:05, 8 May 2010 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done , the book does say σύνδεσμος, but it's blurry in the scan. --Amir E. Aharoni (talk) 19:41, 8 May 2010 (UTC)