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The document referred to by Mr. XXX actually is (or was, anyway) part
of the Laws of Florida. It is labeled as Laws of Florida, Chapter 20720
(No. 512), Senate Bill No. 727, Filed by Sec. of State June 6, 1941. The
title on it is "New State Highway Numbers" and it includes "Description of
New State Road Numbers" and "Cross Index by Old State Road Numbers".

While the law was passed in 1941, the wartime lack of materials for signs
delayed its implementation by the State Road Department until 1945. Thus it
is commonly known as the "1945 State Road Renumbering."

As far as we are concerned, this is a public document and we have made no
attempt to restrict its use. Its official legal status is presumably the
same as for other old Laws of Florida, so perhaps you can let us know what
that is. Thanks.
Gordon Morgan, Transportation Statistics Office
Florida Dept. of Transportation
850-414-4730 (SunCom 994-4730)
Fax:  850-414-4878 (SunCom 994-4878)
It is my understanding that laws cannot be copyrighted.

Arnold Cooperman

Division of Statutory Revision


Most of the typing was done by Bryan Bethea and posted on [1]. Thanks a lot to him for doing so. I then checked it against the document and made any corrections; I need to get a copy of the 1941 law to compare. --SPUI 03:03, 7 Jan 2005 (UTC)