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Digitised sources:

A Statistical Account of Bengal

v. 1. Districts of the 24 Parganas and Sundarbans.

v. 2. Districts of Nadia and Jessore.

v. 3. Districts of Midnapur and Hughli (including Howrah)

v. 4. Districts of Bardwan, Bankura, and Birbhum.

v. 5. Districts of Dacca, Bákarganj, Farídpur, and Maimansinh.

v. 6. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Chittagong, Noákhálí. Tipperah, Hill Tipperah.

v. 7. Districts of Maldah, Rangpur, and Dinájpur.

v. 8. Districts of Rájsháhi and Bográ.

v. 9. Districts of Murshidábad and Pábná.

v. 10. Districts of Dárjíling and Jalpáiguri, and State of Kuch Behar.

v. 11. Districts of Patna and Saran.

v. 12. Districts of Gayá and Sháhábád.

v. 13. Tirhut and Champáran.

v. 14. Districts of Bhágalpur and the Santál Parganás.

v. 15. Districts of Monghyr and Purniah.

v. 16. Districts of Hazáribágh and Lohárdagá.

v. 17. Singbhum District, Tributary States of Chutia Nagpur, and Manbhum.

v. 18. District of Cuttack and Balasor.

v. 19. District of Puri and the Orissa Tributary States.

v. 20. Fisheries and Botany of Bengal, with General Index

A statistical account of Assam

v. 1 Districts of Kamrup, Darrang, Nowgong, Sibsagar and Lakhimpur

v. 2 Districts of Goalpara (including the Eastern Dwars), Garo Hills, Naga Hills, Khasi and Jaintia Hills, Sylhet, and Cachar