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Information about this edition
Edition: Edition in Isis, 18 (1932), 103-17.
Source: Whole article available online through JSTOR (subscription service)
Contributor(s): JackyR
Level of progress: Image:50%.png
Notes: Original dated c.1663. This version with notes by Dorothy Stimson, from three manuscripts in the w:British Museum. Punctuation per Stimson in Isis, with two minor amendments by myself (where obviously wrong).
Proofreaders: JackyR, Ragesoss

*My collaborator on is this: w:User:Ragesoss. Ask him to proof read?

  • This piece will end up with substantial linking, often to parts of the w:Wikipedia:WikiProject History of Science. Some of the necessary lks may not exist yet.
  • The Isis article contained considerable notes - some of this material may be useful.
  • Stimson believes author to be w:Joseph Glanvill, "a well-known writer of the seventeenth century" and "an intimate friend of Francis Willoughby, already one of the fellows" of w:Gresham College.
  • Stimson dates the ballad to 1663.

I wonder...[edit]

...would there be any point to producing a "Revised" version with modernly legitimate spelling? 23:03, 12 June 2007 (UTC)