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Information about this edition
Edition: Committee to Defend U.S. Constitution v. Moon 776 F.Supp. 568 (1991)
Source: United States District Court.
Contributor(s): Smee
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Notes: 776 F.Supp. 568, RICO Bus.Disp.Guide 7869. United States District Court,

District of Columbia. The COMMITTEE TO DEFEND the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION, Plaintiff, v. Sun Myung MOON; Bo Hi Pak; Unification Church International, Inc.; One Up Enterprises, Inc.; News World Communications, Inc.; Washington Times, Inc.; Causa USA; Schwalb, Donnenfeld, Bray & Silbert, P.C.; Philip D. Green; James Gavin; Debra Sullivan; Bernice Cowin; and Warren S. Richardson, Defendants. Civ. A. No. 90-2291. Oct. 30, 1991.

Proofreaders: Smee