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Information about this edition
Edition: Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900
Contributor(s): Moondyne
Level of progress: Being proofread 75%.png
Proofreaders: Giggy, Perey

Amendments, copyright, and source[edit]

The version currently presented here is the Constitution as amended. This raises a few questions:

  1. If we're not going to present the text of the Act as passed by the UK Parliament, should we really be tagging it PD-UKGov? As amended, it's no longer a work of the UK government.
  2. Do we have the right to publish the amended text? The last amendment was in 1977, and I can't seem to find anything saying that Crown copyright won't apply to this version (though to be fair, I can't find anything outright stating that it will, either, so maybe my search skills are weak tonight).
  3. Whatever version we publish, we ought to have a matching source for it. The above link [1] is dead; ComLaw's version is fully amended. (Alas, ComLaw publishes under CC BY-NC-SA, which is prohibited on WikiSource.)

-- Perey (talk) 17:14, 24 January 2013 (UTC)