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There are some things that should be noted about this treaty and version from the Egyptian government. It needs some emendation, which I will do. First, this is not the original text, but a translation as the treaty was not in English at all, but in French, which is at fr:Convention de Constantinople sur le Canal de Suez. The Egyptian web text is also defective, as it is misspelled, not in good English at times and missing words, e.g. in article I, I will fix it from other sources.

There is another English translation, by the US State Department in the J.N. Moore ASIL volume - The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Readings and Documents, p.999, which has the note: " English translation from The Suez Canal Problem July 26 - September 22, 1956, at 16-20 (Dept. State Publication No. 6392, 1956). See also British Command Papers 5623, at 4-7, Great Britain House of Commons Sessional Papers 1889, Vol. 87. The authoritative French text of the Convention may be found in 79 British and Foreign State Papers 18-22 (1887-1888). "

Luckily, there is a complete book at google books, by Barclay (1907) - Problems of International Practice and Diplomacy: With Special Reference to the Hague Conferences and Conventions and other General International Agreements that has both the original French, and what it calls the "official translation", which appears to be the basis of the defective Egyptian version and is what is usually quoted, but as far as I can see, no cited source, though doubtless it is the British papers cited above. I'll use it, and maybe annotate a little from the state department version (e.g. exposé means preamble here).John Z 05:54, 1 April 2008 (UTC)