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This is the Frost Giant's Daughter[edit]

The story printed on this page is The Frost Giant's Daughter not Gods of the North. "Gods" has mostly the exact same text as "Frost Giant", but with "Conan" and "The Cimmerian" exchanged for "Amra", "Cimmeria" exchanged for "Akbitana" and a few other minor changes in words and phrasings. I would have made these changes myself if it wasn't for the LibriVox recording at the top, which follows the "Frost Giant" text, but bills itself as "Gods of the North". (Most likely it is based on this article). Should we just ignore the Librivox and change the text anyways, should we remove the LibriVox and then change the text or should we just leave the text as is? Renaming the article to "The Frost Gigant's Daughter" could be another option, but I don't think that version of the story is in the public domain. Anyways here is a scan of "Gods" as republished in Fantastic Universe: [1] --Painocus (talk) 01:16, 17 February 2013 (UTC)