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When was this piece published?[edit]

There is only attribution of the author. Nothing about when the piece was published.

The source, World's Work, is attributed, though unreferenced.

== This article contains a full Citation. The Five-Day Week in Industry: A List of References Compiled by Laura A. Thompson, Librarian, U. S. Department of Labor Monthly Labor Review Vol. 24, No. 1 (January, 1927), pp. 237-241 (5 pages)

== Article Citation:

Henry Ford: Why I favor five days' work with six days' pay. World's Work, October, 1926, v. 52, pp. 613-616. Authorized interview by Samuel Crowther. Discusses the economic value of leisure. Reprinted in Monthly Labor Review, December, 1926, v. 23, pp. 1162-1166. ==