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Information about this edition
Edition: Seventh edition, February 1914
Source: Project Gutenberg
Contributor(s): Peter Hayes (Gutenberg); User:Mr. Absurd (Wikisource)
Level of progress: 75%.svg75%: complete, proofread by one user, and standard.
Notes: From the Gutenberg etext, produced by Peter Hayes:
"Literary Taste was first published in August 1909. I have worked from a copy of the "seventh edition" of February 1914. The text was keyed in manually and then scanned; the two versions so produced were then compared using ms word's "track changes" tool and brought into agreement.

Ambiguity arises concerning the intended hyphenation of six words in the original printed text--hill-side, super-eminently, re-birth, school-master, red-gauntlet, hood-winking--which in it are made to run over two lines. I have attempted to hyphenate these words (or not to do so) as I think Bennett would have done, guided in these judgments in part by "A New English Dictionary" (1928), the most authoritative English dictionary published up until Bennett's death in 1931.

Of the three occurrences of the name "Newnes's Thin-Paper Classics", Bennett hyphenates only one; I have hyphenated all three.

In the list for poets of "Period I", the entry for Beaumont and Fletcher contains an apparent typo, which I have corrected (or altered, at least). For those interested, the original entry for these authors contained no colon before the edition name (Canterbury Poets), and italicised the word 'Plays' only, leaving the words 'a Selection' in plain type."