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This is a horrible translation. The meaning is skewed, distorted or lost completely in what is supposed to pass for English. Surely we can find a better take on this from British or even English-language Chinese newspapers of the day! The source I use is Nazi Ideology Before 1933, and it includes an idiomatically correct ENglish translation of the NSDAP platform. Interpreter (talk) 16:37, 11 December 2009 (UTC)

Note added ...

Re: Wikisource "Das Programm der NSDAP / The Program of the NSDAP" (You state that the author is unknown)

I translated this for Russ Granata over ten years ago. It was originally an interlinear translation that included the German original.

After Russ died his website disappeared for several years, but I see that it is now available again at <> and my translation is included there. At the time Russ asked me to translate it, the entire "Program of NSDAP" was not available on the Internet in either German or English. Only the "25 Points" were available. It circulated widely, and several English language websites deleted the German original (along with the name of the translator). These websites also retyped the English since I had originally used all capital letters. (This was because my computer at that time did not have capacity for color or italics.)

Russ always wanted as literal a translation as possible, written in everyday English that corresponded to Gottfried Feder's German. (Feder was an engineer who wrote in straightforward if somewhat emotional German - he avoided the highflown language of Academia.)

You are welcome to use my translation in any way you wish. I have never charged for my translations of Revisionist materials, although we translators do appreciate having our names mentioned.

Regards, jmd