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Notes and clarifications[edit]

  • The title is sometimes translated as Rothschild's Violin, which has the same meaning.
  • The story was written around 1894. This translation is from about 1920.
  • The term "trumpery" is translated as "trifles" (trivial things) by Fell.[1]
  • "half a rouble" is translated sometimes as "fifty kopecks"[2]
  • "some dainty from a wedding" is translated as "some sweetmeats" by Fell
  • The names Yakov and Marfa can be translated into English as Jacob and Martha.[1]
  • "cupping" and "cupped" probably refer to w:cupping therapy, in which cups are put on to the patient's flesh to create suction; this is unlikely to help, as Chekhov may have known, but Yakov wants to see it attempted. Similarly applying a leech was folk medicine, unlikely to help.


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