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First Wiki[edit]

As far as the original text go, it is complete. However, I am currently working on links within this piece to instances/events which he refers to. I publish it now only so that it may be beneficial to those who wish to read it; and again, the text portion is entirely complete and has been beta'd by several others.

Please do not link to points in history that do not match his intended references. This essay was originally published in September 1773, so events after this date are, of course, not events he would have been talking about.

As you can see, there is work to be done here for a complete study of this essay, but I am working only as fast as I can. :)

Please also do not correct the spelling, as it was his original spelling. Thank you! Magnoliasouth 16:33, 4 September 2006 (UTC)

capitalization of the title[edit]

Is there a reason for why it's spelled that way? Shouldn't it be "Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One"? – ὁ οἶστρος (talk) 13:02, 23 July 2013 (UTC)