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Information about this edition
Edition: Scottish Gaelic Dialects, 1906–07, by Charles M. Robertson. The Celtic Review, vol. 3 pp. 97–113, 223–39, 319–32
Source: Scans of photocopy in possession of Angr. Scans at Commons; see commons:Category:Robertson Scottish Gaelic Dialects. A different set of scans is also available at [1]. These don't have the problem of the dark shadows running down the gutter of the book, but otherwise are poorer quality than the scans on Commons.
Contributor(s): Angr
Level of progress: First several pages are added and proofread 25%.svg
Proofreaders: Prosody

Works cited in text[edit]

I've tried to hunt down the various works cited in the paper.

  • On the Dialects of Scottish Gaelic by Prof. Mackinnon
  • The Principles of Gaelic Grammar by Rev. John Forbes
  • A Grammar of the Gaelic Language by Mr. James Munro
  • A pronouncing Gaelic dictionary by Neil MacAlpine
  • The Dialect of the Reay Country by Rev. Adam Gunn
  • Paper on the dialects of Badenoch by Dr. MacBain (Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, vol. xviii)
  • Paper on Arran Gaelic by Rev. John Kennedy (Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, vol. xx)
  • Second paper by Mr. Gunn in Celtic Monthly vol. vi.
  • Paper on dialects by Rev. Dr. Henderson, Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie
  • Book of the Dean of Lismore
  • A Dictionary of the Gaelic Language by Macleod and Dewar
  • Work by Rob Dunn
  • A Dialect of Donegal by E. C. Quiggin

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