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Information about this edition
Source: Lapis Lazuli Texts / Shorter Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra
Contributor(s): lapislazulitexts (talkcontribs)
Level of progress:
Notes: Translated from Taishō Tripiṭaka volume 12, number 366
Proofreaders: lapislazulitexts (talkcontribs)

Change title to include Amitabha Sutra[edit]

When reader search for "Short Amitabha Sutra" it cannot be found. I would suggest to change this title to "Shorter Sukhāvatīvyūha Sūtra(Amitaba Sutra)".Dalauhu (talk) 14:30, 18 June 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Change title to "Shorter Amitabha Sutra"[edit]

I just read Wikipedia: Article title. According to the criteria of “Recognizability”, the current title should be changed to "Shorter Amitabha Sutra" because this is the name commonly known by the public (reference Wikipedia: Amitabha Sutra). Currently people interested in this sutra cannot find it in Wikisource because "Amitabha" is not included in the title. Dalauhu (talk) 21:43, 14 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Unlike Wikipedia, we title pages according to the title used in the published work (if applicable). It might be worthwhile to make a redirect though. Prosody (talk) 22:15, 14 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]
In that case,I think it's a good idea to redirect "Amitabha Sutra" in Wikisource. How to redirect? or are you going to do that?Dalauhu (talk) 16:00, 17 July 2012 (UTC)[reply]