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Isn't this copyrighted?

Doesn't appear to be. Any particular reason you ask?--BirgitteSB 14:59, 26 March 2007 (UTC)

Image quality[edit]

Would it be possible to get some higher quality versions of the Dancing Men images? And also in PNG format.

Dancing man incorrect![edit]

I don't know where this mistake originated, but it is also present in a 1985 (book) edition that I have.

If you compare the encoding for 'NEVER' with the last encoding 'ELSIE PREPARE TO MEET THY GOD' you can see that the 'V' in 'NEVER' is the same character as the 'P' in 'PREPARE'.

(In my book version, the 'R' at the end of 'NEVER' is also incorrect, and looks very similar to the 'B' in 'ABE' in the first encoded message, but fortunately this version has the correct 'R'.)

I've looked at the code in the 80s UK TV version (Jeremy Brett playing Sherlock Holmes) and their version appears to be similar in every respect except that their 'V' has an arm pointing out to the right (so, if the men are assumed to be facing us, it has a left arm). Their 'R' is slightly different in that the raised leg is at 45 degrees to the other leg, rather than 90 as it is in this one and also in my book, but it is consistently so, therefore I don't believe that it makes any difference.

I realise that my point might seem like a foolishly pedantic one! But it was quite annoying for me when reading the story in my book, as I wanted to crack the code myself before reading to the end, and the errors that I came across made this much more difficult. It seems not inconceivable that other readers might want to do the same. For that purpose, this error is admittedly not so hampering as the two in my book, because the 'P' only appears in the final message, and Holmes has already cracked most of the code by then, and arguably therefore so should the reader have done.

This fault does not detract, however, from my appreciation of - and gratitude for - the considerable effort that has been expended to make this story publicly available.

Image missing[edit]

The last image for this story is missing. This is the image that Holmes suggests Watson should decipher. Decrypted it reads "come here at once". Tweisbach (talk) 13:10, 7 August 2012 (UTC)