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Suspected typos[edit]

  • II. 1, "which did not wear him our." --> "out"? 21:37, 18 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]
  • II. 3, "Of course the Pawtuxet in a long river which winds through many settled regions" --> "is"?
  • II. 6, "He knew Capt. Whipple well, and probably extracted more hints from that bluff mariner and anyone else ever gained repecting the end of the accursed sorcerer." --> "than", "respecting"?
  • III. 4, "but it at least force the secretive youth to offer" --> "forced"?
  • III. 5, "undertaken at the request of teh senior Wards" --> "the"?
  • III. 5, "Hart said he though the escaping truck had headed" --> "thought"?
  • IV. 2, "no triumph such as I dreamed of can ever by mine" --> "be"?
  • IV. 3, "I own him an apology" --> "owe"?
  • IV. 3, "the inordinate amounts of mean and fresh blood" --> "meat"?
  • IV. 4, "He could, he said, from no written characters at all" --> "form"?
  • IV. 4, "He insisted that this shadowy bungalow possessed no library possessed no library or laboratory beyond the visible ones" --> "possessed no library"?
  • IV. 4, "as if he removal were the merest transient incident" --> "the" or "his"?
  • V. 2, "each of medium size and apparently of bizarre used" --> "uses"?
  • V. 4, "He was wiser that old Joseph Curwen" --> "than"?
  • V. 5, "If what their fate may have been the doctor strives sedulously not to think." --> "Of"?
  • V. 6, "and his glanced seemed malign" --> "glances"?
  • V. 7, "the savage nature of teh second incident" --> "the"?

Copyright status[edit]

Since this was first published in 1943 in Beyond the Wall of Sleep, it's in the public domain if there was no copyright notice for it (the collection is ISBN 9997539710 , if anyone wants to find a copy). Or, of course, if Arkham House or whoever never renewed the copyright. 23:19, 5 January 2007 (UTC)[reply]