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Edition: 1887, possibly with editorial modifications (scan here)
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I've got my left arm removed about 10 years ago and according to my experience the pain after the amputation is not associated with usual pain receptors (nociceptors) but with some stimulation resp. over-stimulation of the proprioreceptors (provide info on the position of a limb) and thir associated afferent nerve system. If I relax totally the position of the amputated arm feels exactly like the arm still being present. There is no other feeling but only "feeling of position". If I leave relaxation but focus on something like e.g. a computer screen,I do not recognise anything. If I focus to the removed arm I get a slight to moderate tingly feeling. If somebody talks to me about injuries, pain, hospitals or so or shows related pictures the tingling gets stronger up to near pain level. If i got an infection like e.g. a cold I get waves of real pain coming about every 30 seconds. Once the infection got defeated the waves disappear. I use this phenomenon as a detector for infections in my body that sets an alarm even before other signs of the infection become apparent. Hope this helps to shed a bit more light on the matter. RABecker (