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Have linked this from the Wikipedia page, Wikipedia:The Masque at Kenilworth Adam Cuerden 23:14, 30 August 2006 (UTC)

Information about this edition
Edition: Revised Edition of the Vocal Score, adapted by Adam Cuerden into Libretto form.
Source: Vocal Score, adapted by contributor.
Contributor(s): Adam Cuerden
Level of progress: Prepared by Contributor, and adapted for appearance, but not really proofread. 50%.svg
Notes: Kenilworth's libretto was widely panned, but, to be fair, the author was trying to imitate an entertainment of a different day. The only piece to last long after its original performance was No 7, a setting of bits of Act V, Scene 1 of Merchant of Venice rather cleverly cut and pasted into a longer song. Sullivan would go on to write several settings of Shakespearian works after this, but, with the exception of two or so songs, would never set another libretto of Chorley's.