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Information about this edition
Edition: Orginally published in Lyrical Ballads with a few other poems', J. & A. Arch, Gracechurch-street, London, 1798.
Contributor(s): BirgitteSB
Level of progress: Reasonably reliable will be complete after further proofreading 75%.svg
Proofreaders: BirgitteSB with the 1798 London version available digitaly at, TripsWithTiresias with 1798 version from Project Gutenberg at

Gutenberg's Version[edit]

I checked this version with the Gutenberg Project's version:

Gutenberg and umd have: Higher and higher every day,
Oregon has: Higher and Higher every day,
Gutenberg has: Her skin is as white as leprosy,
umd and Oregon have: Her skin is white as leprosy,
BUT the umd scan of the page has the first "as"
Gutenberg has: Off darts the Spectre-ship;
umd and Oregon have: Oft darts the Spectre-ship;
BUT the umd scan looks like the word should be "Off" (with a smudged final f) and "Oft" make far less sense in context so I'm gonna change to "Off"
Gutenberg and umd have: And now it is an angel's song
Oregon has: And now it is like an angel's song
Gutenberg has: Till moon we silently sail’d on
umd and Oregon have: Till noon we silently sail’d on
and the scan definitely says "noon".
Gutenberg and umd have: This seraph-band, each wav'd his hand:
Oregon has: This seraph-band, each waved his hand:
Gutenberg and umd have: But I ne spake ne stirr'd!
Oregon has: But I ne spake ne stirred!

umd and Oregon seem to have no closing quotes while Gutenberg does. Since umd's scan does not have closing quotes, I'm ignoring Gutenberg for these.

I am changing all of these differences to the Gutenberg version except the moon/noon line. Sorry for the long post I'm a newbie, hope I'm not completely screwing this page up. :-P TripsWithTiresias (talk) 01:02, 14 August 2009 (UTC)