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I did the original Gutenberg transcription, and introduced an error. It should be jag-time kid, not rag-time. I thought I was correcting an error, because at the time I could not find a reference to "jag-time", and did not know that "jag" is a synonym of "drunken".

I corrected it in this copy. The rest should be good. I tended to do VERY thorough editions. I also enjoy pumpkin pie VERY much.

Further amendments by a poem reader:

"jag time" seems to be associated with "Jag-Time Johnson" whose name was a play on "Rag Time". When I read the poem in front of an audience, I slur the words slightly so that I say "A-ag Time kid" and it sounds like either "Rag Time" or "Jag Time" and the audience hear what they want to hear.

And {looking over his shoulder} I also sneak in a 'gold' in front of 'dust'. Rhythmically, it fits very well if you place the stress on the 'dust' part and it saves later explanations.

Further confession: I also substitute 'keening' for 'crowning'. I feel it's what Robert actually meant to use.

Oh, and the number of people who don't know what a 'solo game' is... {sigh}