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This table is not part of the original work but has been added to assist readers in identifying particular cross-references given.


  • fo., fol.,f.:folio
Reference Example Publication
Bract. Bract. 84. a. Henry de Bracton, De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae (1250s)
Bro. Bro. Dower, 101. Brooke's Abridgment
Bulstr. 3 Bulstr. 325. Edward Bulstrode, The Reports of Edward Bulstrode (1866) (external scan)
Co. 8 Co. 20. b. ?
Co. Litt. Co. Litt. 159. b. Edward Coke, Institutes of the Lawes of England, vol. 1 ("Commentary on Littleton") (Commons file)
Coke 8 Coke 20, Coke's English King's Bench Reports ?
Cro. ?
Dyer. Dyer 144. p. 60. James Dyer, Les Reports des Divers Select Matters & Resolutions des Reverend Judges & Sages del Ley (external scan)
Fitz. Fitz. Gard. ,356, 141, Anthony Fitzherbert, La Graunde Abridgement
F.N.B F.N.B. fo. 269. Anthony Fitzherbert, La Novelle Natura Brevium (1534) (external scan)
Hob. Hob. 111. Henry Hobart, Hobart's Reports, (Common Pleas & Chancery , Kings Bench)
Hobart Hobart 153. Henry Hobart, Hobart's Reports, ?
Infra. Infra. c. 18. Infra is latin for "below".
Inst. 1 Inst. 159. b. Edward Coke, Institutes of the Lawes of England (1628-1644) (Commons file (multiple parts): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
Mirror Mirror Mirror of Justices
Moor Moor 21. Pl. 1112. Francis Moore, Cases Collect & Report (1688) (external scan)
Plowd. Plowd. f. 267. Edmund Plowden, Les comentaries ou les reportes de Edmunde Plowden (external scan)
Rast Rast. pl. 693. William Rastell, Collection of Entries (1670) (external scan)
Regist Reigst. fol. 175. ?
Roll 1 Roll 74, 446 ?

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