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"We are not faced with a colossal contradiction,..."

The negative in this sentence in chapter 3 doesn't seem to me to make sense in context. I have therefore marked the word not with hash signs:

"We are #not# faced with a colossal contradiction,..."

I don't have a copy of this story (indeed, I didn't know of its existence until I read it here), so I won't remove the word, in case it does belong, and I simply haven't understood the sentence.

Could the original contributor either remove the word, if it's an error, or else remove the hash signs and (please) explain the sentence here. If you find the word in the hard copy, but don't understand it, you might want to check other editions, if you have access to any.

Cheers--Neil Copeland

Further to my foregoing remarks-- I have checked online editions of the text through Google. There are 47 or 48 hits in Google for the text including the word "not".

There is a single text in which this sentence reads, "We are now faced with a colossal contradiction,...". This is found at

It is my belief that "now" is the original, but that some edition of the book has erroneously changed this to "not", and this is what is perpetuated in these online versions. Perhaps other editions of the book have also perpetuated it. I would be interested if Chestertonians out there with access to hard copies could report what their texts say here, giving publication details of the edition they are quoting.


Chapter 4 title[edit]