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Information about this edition
Edition: J. R. Osgood and Company, 1876
Source: Internet archive
Contributor(s): Zaqrfv
Level of progress: Text complete. 50%.svg
Notes: See below.
Proofreaders: yyy, zzz

Notes[edit] contains scanned copies of two versions of this work, published by J. R. Osgood & Co. (Boston, 1876) as a single volume, and published by Porter & Coates (Philadelphia, undated) as two volumes. Porter & Coates appear to be using the Osgood plates. All volumes include the (expired) copyright notice

    Copyright, 1874
    By James R. Osgood & Co.

( also has copies of other translations).

The copies posted here are based on the text versions from, extensively formatted and edited for OCR errors etc. by the contributor.

The identity of the translator(s) is unknown. Osgood published several of Verne's novels in the 1870's. Their books included illustrations from the French Hetzel editions.

I have added a few footnotes noting translator's errors and other issues. It should be obvious which footnotes are from the originals and which are my additions, but to be clear, my additions are separated from the text of the chapter by a horizontal line.

In some places paragraph breaks have been added to facilitate comparison with the French edition, and make for easier reading (some of Osgood's paragraphs stretch over several pages).