Talk:Transcript of taped conversation between President Richard Nixon and John D. Ehrlichman (1971) that led to the HMO act of 1973:

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Problem linking to this - the colon messes it up... Wikipaedia:Kaiser Permanente Midgley @ 10:22, 18 May 2006 (UTC)

    • Purely Opinion** Would like to add a comment that saying the "incentives" are the "right way" could simply mean that an HMO getting people medical care early, because they are insured and costs are not a factor (that was the old song and dance back then, that everything costs $10 or somehting like that), that this would help control medical costs overall. Instead, what we have found is that HMO or PPO, these companies are in it for profit and they deny coverages, have not controlled expenses and the drain on the national GDP. This conversation could be completely innocent of the implied sinister context. It would be nice to link in some discussions of HMO vs PPO from this time period to help provide context.